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Frequently Asked Questions



How do you determine the cost of my order?

Great question! We determine the price of your order by factoring in quantity, product brand and style (t-shirt, long sleeve, etc.), product color (white is usually the best bargain for apparel), print locations (front, back, sleeves, etc.), number of colors in the design(s), having a custom design created for you, and how quickly you’d like to receive your order (standard or rush). NOTE: We recommend ordering a few extra shirts to prevent higher re-ordering costs.

How many items can I order?

We’re set up to fulfill a HUGE range of orders, from as little as 12 shirts to as many as you can dream of!

What’s the best bargain?

To get the most bang for your buck, choose 100 or more white cotton t-shirts with a 1 or 2-color logo on the front. Pro Tip: The more shirts you order, the cheaper they are.

Once I order, when will I receive my spirit wear?

We guarantee your shirts will ship 10 business days after you approve the invoice and digital mock-up. We also offer rush delivery options if you need your order quicker.

Do I get to see the art before it’s printed?

Absolutely! You’ll receive an e-mail with a digital mock-up of your art along with an order approval form. Double-check all spelling and order details. Don’t forget—once approved, your order is final and production begins. No other changes can be made.

Do I need to upload special art files?

Yes, please upload or email us files with the highest resolution possible. We prefer vector files ending in .ai, .eps, .ps, .indd, .pdf or .cdr. Vector files can be reduced or enlarged to any size without losing sharpness or quality.

Please do not send files ending in .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd, or .bmp. These lose sharpness when enlarged. If these are the only file types you have, we can rework them for a small cost (depending on the time required). NOTE: If you aren’t sure about your file quality, try uploading it to the design studio, and it will let you know if the resolution is high enough. Or you can email them to us, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible!

Do you create custom designs?

We sure do! It takes our design team about 1-3 hours to create a fun, great-looking design from scratch. A reasonable $50 per hour graphic design fee will be added to your order.

Want to shrink our work time? Give us plenty of direction and ideas on your art before creation begins.

How do I pay?

We accept all major cards on our online payment platform. (Note: There will be a 3% charge added to your order for this option). Just log-in to your account and click “pay now” to use this option.

If you’d like to pay the old-fashioned way, please send a check to our address below. If possible, please include a copy of your invoice.

Booster Spirit Wear
10400 Old Alabama Rd Connector
Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Boosterthon Specific Questions

What size are the sponsor logos?

We try to use the space available on the back of the shirt, so the size of the logos depends on how many sponsors you have. Large is always 2x the size of medium, and medium is always 2x the size of small.

What if my sponsor does not have their logo in a vector art file?

If it won’t upload into the design studio, you can email it to us anyway, and we can fix up to three for free. If we can’t fix the logo, there’s a $15 fee for each logo we have to recreate from scratch.

Can I add text to a logo?

Yes! Just add it in the design studio or make sure to mention it on your order form.

What colors can we print?

We can print almost any color you can imagine! Remember, black and white DO count as colors.

Do our sponsor logos have to be in the same colors as the print design colors?

They do not. We can change the colors when designing your shirt.

Can I take the track off the back?

Absolutely! Just make sure to let us know on the order form, and we’ll send you free stickers to mark laps on for the day of the run.

Are the shirts true to size?

Though all brands are slightly different, the Fruit of the Loom shirts we use are fairly true to size. They are pre-shrunk and 100% cotton. We can send you a sample pack if you’d like to check out a few sizes!

Can I see a proof of the shirt before they’re printed?

Yes! Once the order is placed, we’ll email you a digital mock-up of your custom shirts to approve. Once the design is approved we’ll get your order ready for production. You’ll be invoiced once your shirts have been shipped.

How many free teacher shirts can we order?

If your school is doing Boosterthon Live, you get one free teacher shirt for every homeroom, plus 30 shirts for administration and additional staff. If your school is doing Boosterthon Event or Boosterthon You, you get one free teacher shirt for every homeroom, plus 10 shirts for administration and additional staff. (If you’d like more, the cost is $4 per shirt).

Can I reorder more shirts if I need to do so? If so, how?

Of course! However, please note that the price per shirt will increase, as we incur all of the same set-up charges dispersed across fewer shirts. We recommend ordering several extras in your original order to help prevent having to place reorders. To place a reorder of a previous design, please email your Spirit Wear Consultant and let him/her know how many you need.

The shirts have arrived at the school. What do I do next?

If you’re part of a Boosterthon Live or Event program, wait until the Booster team arrives to count the shirts for you. If a team will not be present on campus, please follow the instructions for counting shirts found on the outside of each box.

Online School Store FAQs


Setting up a school store is the easiest way to profit from spirit wear. Instead of wasting hundreds of hours tallying sizes, ordering in bulk, and handling cash payments, we do basically everything for you— we’ll build your store for you, upload your designs, process your orders, and ship your items straight to your school. It’s that easy!.


As much as you’d like! We can add custom colors, backgrounds, school logos, etc.


Very little! Your friendly Spirit-Wear Consultant will help make the process as easy as possible. All we ask you to do is promote your store to your school community and distribute items to the appropriate classrooms when they arrive. We’ll take care of the rest!


Again, very little! Every order has a 6.4% processing fee, but your consultant will help factor that into the price you set for your items. That way, it won’t be an issue when it comes to fundraising.


After all the orders come in, we’ll send your school a check for the profits of your store (with the cost of your order already taken out). This allows you the convenience of not having to send in a check to pay for your order. We’ll be sending a check to you!


It depends on how many items you sell! See the chart below for a brief outline of our profit scale.