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With an Online School Store, easily build community and raise funds for your school without dealing with bulk ordering

Setting up an online store is fast and easy

We handle it all--designing the store for you, processing orders, handling payments, and shipping products


Set your own prices and decide how much you want to profit

With an Online Store, you're in control. You set the price for each item and decide how much profit you want to make. Plus, no more guessing how many items you need--only pay for what you sell!



We individually package and deliver each item, so you don't have to. It's that simple.

What People Are Saying

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"With the money we raised from our online store we were able to help fund other activities throughout they year. With the guidance of our Spirit Wear Consultant, the process was really easy and enjoyable!"

Emily, State Bridge Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a school store is the easiest way to profit from spirit wear. Instead of wasting hours tallying sizes, ordering in bulk, and handling cash payments, we do basically everything for you— we’ll build your store, upload your designs, process your orders, and ship your items direct to homes or to school for pickup. It’s that easy!

As much as you’d like! We can add custom colors, backgrounds, school logos, etc.

Very little! Your friendly Spirit-Wear Consultant will help make the process as easy as possible. All we ask you to do is promote your store to your school community and distribute items to the appropriate classrooms when they arrive (if opting to do a pickup at school option). We’ll take care of the rest!

There is a $250 flat set-up fee applied to your first store opening each school year (you can open as many stores as you want during the same school year after that). As long as items are marked up higher than the cost to produce, there is no additional cost to run the store! 

After all the orders come in, we’ll send your school a check for the profits of your store (with the cost of your order already taken out). This allows you the convenience of not having to send in a check to pay for your order. We’ll be sending a check to you!

You determine how much you profit! You will base the selling price of each item off of the cost to produce them.


Talk to a consultant about launching a program at your school!