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Your expert source for easy, year-round school fundraising that works!

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Choose Your Fundraising Adventure

Take the stress out of fundraising and let Booster’s fundraising experts help you build your annual fundraising calendar today! 

Start profiting.

We’ve got your back on all the best school fundraising practices.

We’ve worked with over 6,400 schools, helping them profit more than $400 million!

We’ll keep it low-stress for you, and you’ll always have clear next steps, so it’s easy to plan now and profit all year!

Ready to start planning your most profitable school fundraising year ever?

Choose your fundraising adventure!

Enjoy the smiles:

  • Parents, teachers, and administration will thank you for how simple your Booster fundraisers always are.
  • Students will be happy with all the awesome benefits your successful fundraisers create for them.
  • You’ll feel satisfied knowing you had a positive impact on your child’s school.

Choose your fundraising adventure!

Impact That Lives On

See the impact Booster has on schools like yours!

"Overall the total impact Booster had on our school was to pull all of our students together."

Jeff T.
Booster Client

"Before we started working with Booster we might make $6,000 to $7,000 and now we're talking about $30,000."

Dale P.
Booster Client

"I honestly can’t think of another way that we would be able to fundraise and make as much money as we do without using Booster."

Karly L.
Booster Client

Impact by the Numbers

Number of students impacted by Booster programs Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

Booster is the Leading school fundraising company in America.


Years in business


Schools served

12.3 Million

Students served

$500+ million

Profit for schools

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Ready to see the impact Booster
can have on your school?

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