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Boosterthon’s Dance Fit fundraiser takes danceathons to the next level, giving schools an opportunity to raise funds while keeping students physically active and having fun together!

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Students will have so much excitement for this event that it will hardly feel like fundraising at all!

But how exactly does the Dance Fit event work, and how is it different from a regular danceathon? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the similarities and differences between the two, and why one is much more successful than the other.

What is a Danceathon?

Danceathons have been around for a long time and are a popular choice for a school fundraiser. In these events, students seek donations and pledges based on a certain amount of time they’re going to spend dancing. On the Event Day, everyone has a great time listening to music and dancing together! 

What is Booster’s Dance Fit?

The idea behind the Dance Fit event is extremely similar to a regular danceathon, but with one major change: it’s done in partnership with the popular video game Just Dance! 

Students (and teachers) get to dance along with moves they see on a screen, which adds a TON of fun and excitement! Dance Fit’s venue requirements are extremely flexible. It can be done in a gym, classroom, or even from home! 

The Dance Fit fundraiser culminates in a 35-minute, action-packed Event Day filled with smiles, exercise and community-building fun as parents, teachers and even administration can’t help but dance along! 

Why Boosterthon’s Dance Fit raises more funds than a regular Danceathon

At first glance, it might seem like these two events aren’t that different from each other. One simply has a Just Dance video to go along with it…right? So why is Dance Fit so much more successful as a fundraiser than just any old danceathon?

The Booster Team

Whether they show up virtually through one of our many character presentation videos or in-person as they emcee your event, our Booster Team members are known for their exceptionally high levels of fun and professionalism. That means your students will LOVE their energy and you’ll love how enjoyable and successful they make your fundraiser! 

The Just Dance partnership

The problem with most danceathon fundraisers is that, after a while, students get worn out and stop participating. But once students start dancing to one of their favorite video games, they’ll never want to stop! 

Our partnership with Just Dance provides the perfect solution to ensuring students stay involved and excited for the entirety of your Dance Fit event. Also, this fundraiser is extremely customizable and can be fully tailored to fit your school and student needs!

The sense of community

There’s a deep sense of community created when you have a room full of students, staff, and families dancing and trying to do the same moves together as they listen to some of their favorite music. That’s what’s so special about the Just Dance videos used in our Dance Fit events!

At Boosterthon, we know that having a strong sense of community inside a school is more important than any amount of fundraising. We pride ourselves in helping schools develop their communities as well as raising funds for their educational programs.

As with our other Booster events, schools have different levels of service when it comes to running the Dance Fit fundraiser. But whether we’re there to support your DIY event or we run it all for you, you can be sure this will be a fundraiser students, teachers, and parents will look forward to doing again and again!

To get started, or to find out more information about how Dance Fit could work for your school, visit the Dance Fit event page and click “Get Started!”

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