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This year we wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing teachers and school staff out there that go above and beyond every day in a BIG way. So we organized a BIG giveaway. Thousands of deserving schools across the country were nominated for the Booster Teacher Appreciation Celebration Giveaway and we picked three lucky winners. Congratulations to McBay Elementary, Mayer High School and Village Christian Academy! Each school scored a $2,000 grant to use to celebrate their exemplary teachers and staff. 

Our first winner, McBary Elementary, is located in Mexia, Texas, with about 1,000 students and 80 teachers. The elementary school’s PTA plans on using the grant money to make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week the best one yet, boosting morale for their teachers and the entire school!

“Teachers are so much more than just 'teachers;’ they are caregivers, leaders and protectors of our children when we drop off our students,” said PTA Vice President Amanda Kelley, when asked why it’s so important to show appreciation for their teachers. 

Out in Mayer, Arizona, our second giveaway winner, Mayer High School, describes itself as a small rural school with limited resources. But this school’s Booster Club now has plans to put their grant to work and change that for the 26 teachers that are working hard to make each day extraordinary for the school’s 200 students. Teachers at Mayer High School will soon be enjoying an updated staff lounge with appliances such as a coffee maker and electric teapot as well as a well stocked fridge and snack area throughout the school year.

“It's a hard job that is underappreciated and doing small things to show appreciation can make a world of difference,” said Jodi Owens, vice president of the Booster Club at Mayer High School. “Our teachers will be ecstatic as we've never been able to celebrate them in a big way like this!” 

Finally, our third giveaway winner, Village Christian Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina, hopes to really boost up Teacher Appreciation Week this year. 

“Teachers are the most selfless people,” said the school’s PTO President, Brittany Jackson Lockamy.

Village Christian Academy is a larger school with 600 students and 90 dedicated teachers. This year, with the $2,000 grant the school has won, they can afford to really amp up the daily lunches and goodies during Teacher Appreciation Week to show their teachers how much they care. 

The Booster Teacher Appreciation Celebration Giveaway is an opportunity for both Booster and nominated schools to recognize excellence and express gratitude to school educators and staff. While only three schools could win our giveaway, each school that was nominated should feel proud, knowing that their community is behind them and appreciates all that they do. 

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