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Hosting a fundraising workshop before you start your fall semester is a great way to get a headstart on your year and set your PTA/PTO up for success! A workshop can help you gauge interest and assess the individual skills each volunteer can bring to your organization. It’s also an opportunity to educate these potential volunteers and begin the training process so you can hit the ground running when school starts. Ready to host your own fundraising workshop? Read on for tips and resources to make it a hit! And if you are wondering what type of fundraisers will work best for your school, check out what Booster has to offer. From fun runs and glow runs to product sales and custom gear, we have the perfect fundraising solution to fit every school’s needs!

In this blog you will learn:

  • How to host a fundraising workshop.
  • What resources you should include with your workshop.
  • Plus—how to make sure volunteers actually attend!

How to Host Your Fundraising Workshop


Begin by sharing your organization’s overall mission.

Whether your attendees are first timers or seasoned volunteers, reviewing your mission is always helpful. Understanding what your goals are and how you aim to help your school and students will motivate and inspire your volunteers. Don’t have a clear mission statement? Now’s the time to create one!

Give an overview of your fundraising calendar for the year.

Before you kick off your workshop, try to plan for as much of your year as possible. Giving a “big picture” overview will allow your volunteers to start to consider where they can help out and what fits into their own schedules. Check out these tips to create the perfect fundraising calendar!

Stress the flexibility of all volunteer opportunities.

This is crucial—parents and families are super busy! Let them know that any amount of time and help is greatly appreciated and welcomed! This will alleviate any concern that they just don’t have the capacity to be a part of your team.

Offer a virtual option.

While it is ideal to get as many volunteers as possible to attend your workshop in person, between work, childcare, and other commitments it will not be  possible for everyone. Giving those that can’t attend the option to hop online and participate virtually will ensure you don’t discourage them from volunteering!  

Ask for feedback!

Not only will this make your volunteers feel like they are truly a part of your organization, but it will also give you valuable information about what has worked well in the past, areas for improvement, and more. Feedback can be solicited in person at your workshop as well as after via email, a suggestion box, or survey.

What to Include in Your Fundraising Workshop

  • Provide attendees with a volunteer guide they can take home after your workshop. This can include everything from your mission and goals to descriptions of different volunteer opportunities to step-by-step guides. This will be an excellent resource for  both you and your volunteers throughout the year and save you valuable time!
  • Offer job specific training. Make a list of the most common volunteer jobs that will be available repeatedly throughout the year. Spend some time at your fundraising workshop sharing what these jobs entail and running your potential volunteers through a quick training session.  
  • Create team building activities. Many parents volunteer to meet new families and form lasting friendships. Break the ice for all your newbies with fun activities that will give them the chance to laugh and talk together.
  • Pass around sign up sheets and gather contact information. Get ahead of the game and start recruiting! Pass around signup sheets for any volunteer opportunities you are already in need of and collect information from all attendees to build a master contact list you can tap into later.
  • Inquire about skill based opportunities. Network with your room full of potential volunteers to learn more about the unique skills they can bring to your organization! Encourage all your attendees to reach out if they would like to contribute help outside of what you are actively asking for.

Ways to Encourage Attendance


Provide food and concessions.

Free lunch and snacks? Who wouldn’t want to attend! Adding this element will make your fundraising workshop feel like more of a social gathering and a great excuse to get out of the house and meet new people.

Hand out swag.

Make it cool to be a part of your organization and give your potential volunteers custom t-shirts, cups or office supplies that sport your colors and logo. Handing out swag will double as free advertising when they show off their swag around town!

Make it fun!

Volunteering should always be about more than just work. It’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, build friendships, and strengthen your community. The same should be true of your fundraising workshop!

Hosting a fundraising workshop before the fall semester begins is a proactive step to ensure your PTA/PTO thrives throughout the year. By gauging interest, assessing volunteer skills, and starting the training process early, you lay a strong foundation for success. With careful planning and the right approach, your fundraising workshop can be the perfect kickoff to a fun and successful school year.

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