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From high-energy events to product sales to simply asking for direct donations, there are so many different ways to raise funds for your school. To ensure your next fundraiser is a success, you must first consider the age of the students who will be participating before selecting the type of fundraiser your school will host. We all know what excites and motivates elementary, middle, and high school students is very different! Read on to learn more about what student fundraisers are the right fit for each age group, plus how to get the best engagement to maximize funds raised! 

In this blog you will learn: 

Elementary School Student Fundraising

Students in elementary school are excited about attending school and love to participate in activities and take on new responsibilities. Which is exactly why event based fundraisers are a perfect match for this age group. The more interactive the better!

Plus, for many families, being a part of the school system is a new experience. This makes parents equally as excited to participate in school events and get involved and meet other families in the community. Choosing the right student fundraising experience that taps into that energy will help you raise even more!

Organize a Fun Run.

These fitness fundraisers are a whole experience! Leading up to event day, families collect pledges for the amount of laps their student will run. Then students get running to raise funds on the big day!

This type of fundraiser can be a lot of work, but schools can choose to use Booster to save time and raise even more. Booster can create the perfect fun run for your school with energizing music, exciting themes for each lap, and other fun details that make the experience the highlight of the school year for students. Plus, Booster makes it easier for you with an online fundraising platform, built in prize system, and an up-to-the-minute fundraising success dashboard.

Throw a festival.

It’s always a great time to throw a school-wide party, from a Fall Fest to kick off the school year to a Spring Extravaganza to wrap it up! Not only will you raise funds for your school with this type of fundraiser, but it’s also a great way to bring families and your community together. To raise even more and make your event a hit, reach out to local businesses for sponsorships, offering valuable advertising opportunities in exchange for donations such as a food truck or a bounce house—get creative!

Host a bake sale.

Ask families to whip up some tasty treats to contribute to your sale and then set up in a high traffic area such as pick up or drop off. At this age, students will love the chance to help out their parents in the kitchen. Parents will see this volunteer opportunity as a way to meet new families and get to know teachers and staff.

Middle School Student Fundraising

Middle school students are riding the line between being a “big kid” and a “little kid.” They still have much of the same enthusiasm about school that they did during their elementary years, but they are also experimenting with more freedom and independence. Because middle school students are taking on more responsibilities, there are more school fundraising opportunities that can be explored without putting too much of a burden on families.

Consider involving students in the decision-making process for fundraising ideas to help foster a sense of responsibility and engagement. For this age group, a little friendly competition can motivate your students and increase the funds you raise. Rewards such as extra privileges or exclusive access to certain activities can also get your students excited to participate.

Plan a product sale.

From wrapping paper to gourmet popcorn to kitchen gadgets, Booster offers hundreds of high-quality products donors will actually want to buy. At this age, middle school students are old enough to reach out to friends and family and do the actual selling themselves. This will give them a huge sense of pride when they earn a prize or recognition!

Sell discount cards.

Another student fundraising idea middle schoolers can take the lead on is selling discounts cards. This fundraiser offers donors the opportunity to get deep discounts on some of their favorite local restaurants and businesses and support your school—it’s a win-win!

Design custom gear to sell.

Middle school students and families alike love showing their school spirit with some custom gear. From tumblers to t-shirts, Booster has a huge selection of gear you can customize with school colors, logos and more. You can even involve your students in the design process! Set up an online shop or order in bulk and have students volunteer to sell at a special event.

High School Student Fundraising

Teenagers are on the brink of adulthood and tend to be very busy with school, work and extracurricular activities. Because high school students have such a full schedule, they do not have a lot of extra time to dedicate to fundraising. Instead of school-wide events and student fundraising, the most effective way to raise necessary funds at this age is to focus on individual sports teams and special interest groups. This will bring a teamwork element to your fundraiser, as they collectively work with their peers to raise funds to better their club or team.

Ask for direct donation.

The simplest way to raise funds is to ask. With a direct donation fundraiser, students are asking family and friends to support their team or group by donating to their cause. Booster can help them spend less time on a direct donation fundraiser and raise even more with its online fundraising platform and personalized approach to contacting donors and sharing what they are raising money for.  

Arrange restaurant night.

Reach out to a local restaurant and ask if they are willing to donate a percentage of proceeds from one night to your team or group. Then get the word out! Ask friends, family and community members to enjoy an evening dining out to support your cause. High school students can share this fundraiser via text, email and on social media and reach a big audience quickly.

Sell VIP experiences to shows or events.

Whether it’s front row seats for opening night of your school play or the best parking spot on a busy game night, parents will love the chance to purchase a VIP experience to support their students. This type of fundraiser can be hosted multiple times a year by different teams and groups as each will attract a different donor audience.

Successful fundraising for your school requires a thoughtful approach that takes into account the unique characteristics and interests of elementary, middle, and high school students. Tailoring your student fundraising initiatives to the specific needs and interests of each age group can maximize engagement, build community, and ultimately achieve greater success in raising funds.

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