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Lake Whitney Elementary School in Winter Park, FL, is no stranger to Booster. A 3-year partner, they’ve experienced their share of successful Boosterthon Fun Run programs over the years. But like many schools this year, they needed a flexible fundraising for schools program in Florida —one that would not only be safe and fun for students and staff but also profitable for their school. 

After talking with their local Booster team, Lake Whitney decided to run our virtual, Boosterthon DanceFit program

Boosterthon DanceFit—a fun, new school fundraiser for elementary schools

Created in partnership with Just Dance, the legendary dance video game, Boosterthon DanceFit is a fun, new program that gets students moving and grooving as they raise funds to help their school! 

Similar to our classic Boosterthon program, students get donations from family and friends over a two-week period. But instead of ending with a Fun Run, DanceFit culminates in an epicly fun fitness and dance event where students dance, move, and exercise for 35 minutes. Students are led virtually or in-person by Booster’s enthusiastic instructors through group dances and fitness activities.

In case you’re not familiar, Just Dance combines kid-friendly hit music with choreographed dances that teach and challenge dancers to match every step. Combine that with Booster’s enthusiastic and engaging team members, and it’s an experience schools can’t find anywhere else. Plus, this amazing new program can be experienced virtually or in-person

How Lake Whitney Elementary exceeded their fundraising goal with Boosterthon DanceFit

So how did it go for Lake Whitney Elementary? Did their students and staff enjoy their new fundraiser? And perhaps most importantly, were they able to hit their fundraising goal of $20,000?  

We’re thrilled to report that through their Boosterthon DanceFit program, Lake Whitney EXCEEDED their fundraising goal and profited more than $27,000. So, where did those donations come from? With 513 students, LWES needed a program that could reach donors beyond their parent base. 

  • 56% of all donations came from non-parent donors, like extended family and friends.
  • $4,400 of their profit came through Booster’s brand new corporate matching feature. With it, they were able to raise thousands of extra dollars through organizations like United Healthcare, Coca-Cola, Disney, Pepsi, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and more. 

With those funds, the team at LWES plans to hire a school nurse and provide additional educational resources for students and teachers. 

On top of that, the students and staff had an amazing experience that brought their school together. Immediately after their DanceFit Challenge, Lake Whitney Principal Beth Prince was elated: 

“We had the BEST time today...our students rocked it! This is our third year with Booster, and we were unsure of how it would work during this crazy school year! We were so excited to work with Hannah again and the program exceeded our expectations--we absolutely loved the DanceFit Challenge.

When asked what she would say to other schools, Principal Prince had this to say: 

“I HIGHLY recommend Booster. Call me if you need a reference!” 


Huge thanks to Principal Prince and the entire Lake Whitney team! We’re so grateful to serve amazing school communities like yours. 


If your school is interested in a proven, fun, and safe virtual or on-campus fundraiser this school year, we’d love to help.

Click here to learn about hosting a virtual or on-campus Boosterthon fundraiser.

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