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At Booster, we believe in going above and beyond for the schools we serve. And there’s no one we want to serve more than the teachers that work tirelessly to make each school uniquely special. Between all the early mornings and late nights planning and preparing, few people work harder than them.

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With the end of the semester fast approaching, there’s no better time to implement teacher appreciation ideas for staff and show just how much your school appreciates all that your teachers do. While the usual lunches are always much appreciated, adding a little extra thought and time can really show just how much you care. Read on for twelve creative ways to say, “Thank you!” 

12 Things To Do For Teacher Appreciation

1. Take something off your teachers’ plate


A gifted rack of documents.


In the middle of a busy season like this, one of the best ways to thank teachers is to lighten their workload! Organize a few volunteers to send out fliers, make copies, grade tests and quizzes, or decorate their classrooms for the holidays. This is a tangible way to ease the stress of the season and lighten their burden a little bit. If volunteers aren’t an option, add some pizzazz to your teacher’s organization system with monogrammed folders or color-coordinated supplies!

2. Set up an ice cream sundae bar



Your teachers are beyond kind and sweet to all of their students so give them their very own sweet treat to say thanks! Pick a few popular flavors and go overboard on toppings like hot fudge, sprinkles, candy and whipped cream. 

3.Throw a themed lunch party for teachers



Another fun teacher appreciation idea is to turn an ordinary teacher appreciation lunch into a memorable themed lunch, get creative! For example, instead of the usual sandwiches or pizza, throw a fiesta with a nacho bar, pinatas, and lots of chips and salsa!! To go above and beyond, make t-shirts, or signs that say “Nacho Average Teacher” or “Nacho Average Principal.” The awesome administration team at Mashburn Elementary in Cumming, GA, still wears their shirts weekly, turning Hump Day into Nacho Average Wednesday! At the start of the year, back to school teacher luncheon themes are a great way to promote team unity.

4. Give school spirit wear

Why not say “Thank you” during teacher appreciation week with a bundle of school swag for each teacher? Apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats are always great, but don’t stop there. With Booster Gear, you can easily put your school logo on just about anything! Think mugs, thermoses, tote bags, blankets, lanyards, and more - anything that helps teachers get through those long school days and show off their school pride!

5. Decorate the Teacher’s Lounge with encouraging notes


A wall of post-it notes saying cheerful messages.

For those looking to provide something more permanent, redecorating the Teacher’s Lounge is a sure-fire way to show teachers how much you appreciate their hard work all year long! Create a cute and encouraging bulletin board, staff shout-out game, or even a funny way for teachers to de-stress (like hanging sheets of bubble wrap in random places or putting thought bubbles above mirrors). Decorations like this will help teachers relax and remember what they love about teaching!

6. Sell Flower Grams



Students, families and staff can all get in on the fun for this one! The week before teacher appreciation week, send out order forms to purchase a flower for your favorite teacher. Then use volunteers to deliver them on the big day. Seeing all the beautiful flowers they receive is a visual reminder of just how much they are appreciated. Add in the choice to write a small shoutout to attach to each flower to make the gifts even more meaningful.

7. Place candy puns in teachers’ mailboxes


teacher appreciation ideas 5

Everyone loves surprises, and teachers are no exception. For an extra fun teacher appreciation idea, surprise teachers with delicious staff appreciation gifts from the principal in their mailboxes! There’s no shortage of clever candy puns and wonderful snack food wordplay. Leave a mason jar full of Mike-and-Ike’s, Skittles, or M&M’s labeled “chill pills.” Or place individual portions of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in mailboxes with the phrase, “We need s’more teachers like YOU!” The creative and yummy teacher appreciation ideas for staff are endless! Our personal favorite: a Three Musketeers bar with a note that says, “To someone who does the work of three people – THANK YOU!”

8. Organize a school-wide luncheon for teachers


teacher appreciation ideas 7

For those who love teacher appreciation party themes, a great way to express teacher appreciation is to get the principal on board and set up a special luncheon for teachers during the day! Mrs. Kara Randall, a third-grade teacher in Dekalb County, GA, loves it when her PTA throws tablecloths over the cafeteria tables and provides volunteers to cover her classrooms (or schedules it while the students are outside the classroom).

“This lets us have a nice meal with our coworkers away from the students for a bit—which is always appreciated!” said Kara. Plus, scheduling it in advance gives teachers something to look forward to all week long.

9. Create a Spotify playlist for teachers


Mood Booster music playlist, courtesy of Booster.

Teacher appreciation ideas for staff don’t need to be limited to physical gifts. Spice up your teachers’ morning commutes or planning period with a customized Spotify playlist full of good music! Easily create a playlist with holiday favorites, throwback jams, or even the year’s favorite hits! To go above and beyond, create a variety of playlists and challenge teachers to a blind date with a mixtape! Label each playlist with a music genre, mood, or “Sounds like...” and let teachers pick the one that sounds the most exciting to them!

10. Layout a breakfast buffet for teachers


Teacher appreciation breakfast bar.

What better thing to do for teacher appreciation than provide teachers a hearty breakfast? Start the morning off right with a breakfast buffet for teachers to enjoy as they come into school! Provide donuts or bagels and coffee to give teachers the opportunity to spend some stress-free time with their colleagues and friends before the students arrive. For an extra touch, set up speakers with a good playlist to kick off the day! Our favorite: In Love with the Crooners—all the best hits from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, and Bing Crosby!

11. Stock up their classrooms with school supplies


A school supply “cake” composed of classroom supplies like glue, crayons, and pencils.

As the end of the semester approaches, school supplies like markers and pencil sharpeners are usually running short. And with the cold weather sniffles running amok, emergency hand sanitizer and Kleenexes are quickly depleted! Providing these classroom essentials takes one more thing off teachers’ to-do lists and meets a practical need often overlooked. To make these teacher appreciation ideas for staff extra exciting, create a clever school supply “cake” for each grade to enjoy!

12. Give personalized gifts to each teacher



By using a “Teacher Favorites” sheet to learn their favorite candy, restaurants, colors, Starbucks order, and books, you can give personalized end-of-the-year gifts to each teacher. The extra time and effort will show your teachers that you see their individual efforts and want to celebrate them in a customized way. Here’s another fun teacher appreciation idea: Rally their students to create thank you cards and letters, then compile them in a “Happy Folder” for the teacher to revisit throughout the year!

We hope these ideas for teacher appreciation week have you feeling inspired and excited to show some gratitude to the educators in your life. 

P.S. To all our Booster teachers—THANK YOU! We appreciate what you do to impact the next generation of leaders!

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