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The holidays are the perfect time to express your appreciation for our amazing teachers! Give them a gift that’s easy and inexpensive for you but meaningful to the teachers for years to come. 

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Here are a few creative teacher gift ideas you could create in under 30 minutes:

1. Decorate a pencil holder - Visit a local pottery painting store and add a cute teacher appreciation message like “#1 Teacher” or personalize the pencil holder with “We love [your teacher’s name].” Or consider ordering a cup with a picture of the class on it from a photo website. 

2. Handprint Christmas tree towels - Get a blank white tea towel and some green paint that won’t wash out. Use your child’s handprint to create the shape of a Christmas tree on the towel.

3. Homemade Apron - Buy or sew a homemade apron and give it to your students’ teachers with a dozen cookies and a note that says, “Thanks for making me one smart cookie.” You could round out the gift by including a fun spatula and a cute recipe card with the recipe you used for the cookies.

4. Decorate an ornament - buy a clear plastic ornament and have your child or other students write a list of the reasons they love their teacher. Then slip the paper inside the ornament along with some glittery fake snow. An alternative to this idea could be a class picture with the year of the class printed on it as a nice memory keepsake. 

5. Potted plant - Give your teacher a gift that will grow with students! Plant a succulent in a fancy, old tea cup from a secondhand store. It’s the perfect size for a teacher’s desk! Include a note from the students that says, “Thanks for helping us grow.”

6. Cozy Holiday Bundle - Bring the comfort of the holidays to life for teachers with a bundle that includes a soft blanket, cozy socks, a candle, and coffee mug. [“For the chance to win extra gifts for your teachers, make sure you’re on our email list.” 

7. Crayon facial tissue holder - Glue crayons together with a felt backing that’s the size of a standard facial tissue box. Include a note from students that says, “Color me lucky for having a great teacher like you!” Give it a holiday theme by using varying shades of red, green, and white.

8. Button bookmarks - Attach a cute, decorative button at the top of a large paperclip with a note that says, “Hope you have fun turning the page into a new year!”

9. Puzzle Ornament - Glue together old puzzle pieces in the shape of a small wreath. Then paint the wreath green and tie a red ribbon to hang it. With this idea, you could include a cute note that says, “Thanks for putting the pieces together for our students’ education this school year!”

Remember to date the gifts you create for a special touch of nostalgia that brings a smile to the teacher’s face for years to come!

No matter which gift idea you choose, the holidays are a wonderful time to express your appreciation for all the wonderful teachers in your life with these fun, simple gift ideas!

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