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Did you know October is National Principals Month? 

Well now you do!! And that means it’s time to show some love for your favorite principal!

Here at Booster, we know being a principal is a tough job, and we also know there’s a LOT of amazing principals out there! 

So to help you show your appreciation, we’ve come up with a few ideas on how parents and teachers can work together to show support for these amazing administrators who care so much about their schools!

In this blog, you’ll learn more about: 

Idea #1: Have students write thank-you notes

One of the best ways to show some appreciation for your school’s principal is to have students express their gratitude - in their own words! Teachers can ask students to take a few minutes and write a short thank-you note to their principal for everything they do day in and day out. 

(This is also a great opportunity for teaching students the importance of showing gratitude towards others!)

Tip: Assign a teacher or a parent to be in charge of this project. They can provide cards or simple pieces of paper, collect the thank-you notes after students have completed them, and compile them into a scrapbook or keepsake box that can be presented to the principal.

Idea #2: Host a surprise pep rally (or staff meeting)

Imagine if your principal showed up to a school-wide pep rally, only to find out THEY were the guest of honor!

Get the student body involved with cheers, music, and games, and show that amazing school spirit by way of celebrating the principal! 

Tip: Can’t do a full-blown surprise pep rally? Hold a surprise staff meeting or surprise them with an extra-special presentation in front of the students! Be sure to have someone taking photos to share on social media and in newsletters.

Idea #3: Collect short videos of teachers, staff, and students 

Short video testimonials would be an amazing tribute! Ask a handful of students, teachers, and staff to say why they love their principal, video their answers, and compile the interviews into a full video montage of gratitude! 

Tip: Take the videos at various places throughout the school to show people “in action.” It would also be a great idea to share the finished product on Facebook and/or show it to the students in the classrooms!

Idea #4: Make a banner 

Time to get the art club involved! Make a large banner with the principal’s name expressing thanks from the entire school. Hang it outside the building or inside the lobby early in the morning so the principal is surprised when they enter the building!

Tip: After the principal has been surprised, leave the banner up and give students an opportunity throughout the school day to sign their name on and write a short message. At the end of the day, roll it up and give it to the principal as a gift.

Idea #5: Add some “Principal Trivia” to morning announcements

Does your principal have a good sense of humor? Do a little digging to find some bits of trivia about them, and share some interesting and/or funny anecdotes during the morning announcements for a few days. 

Be sure to end it on a high note by sharing some really great statements about them, such as amazing things they might do on a daily basis that the student body may not even be aware of.

Tip: Having a hard time coming up with some interesting pieces of trivia? Contact the principal’s spouse or someone they’re very close to for great ideas.

Idea #6: Host a dress-up day

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Well, what about a day where students and staff come to school…all dressed as the principal! Teachers can help students come up with some ideas, and there could even be a contest to see who pulled off the look best.

Tip: Want to do this as a surprise? Guise it as a “superhero” dress-up day, and spread the word in emails sent home and/or inside the classrooms that everyone will be dressing up as the same amazing superhero - the principal!

Being a principal is often a difficult and thankless job. That’s why it’s important to take the extra time to show your school’s principal how much they are truly appreciated! And at the end of the day, the BEST way to do that is by letting them hear it straight from the mouths of the students and staff they care so deeply about.

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