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Behind every successful Booster fundraiser is a passionate and dedicated team working tirelessly to make a positive impact on schools and the lives of students. On National Employee Appreciation Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize and express our gratitude for the amazingly talented team members that choose to become a part of our Booster family. It’s a special job, for special people and we feel beyond lucky to have the best team working together for the same common goal across the entire country.

What makes our Booster team members extra special?


They go the extra mile.

We can’t tell you how many examples we have over the past 20 years of this! From creating a special Fun Run course for a student with a disability to rallying together to help a teacher or family facing a health issue to learning another language to be more inclusive, Booster shows up for so much more than just the fundraiser. 

They truly connect with students and staff.

When Booster teams come into your community, they bring their all and build real relationships with students and staff. There are often requests from students to have a particular Booster team member swing by for an extra visit and exciting reunions when the team returns the following year for another fundraiser. We even had an alumni—now a professional weight lifter holding two world records!—ask to visit our headquarters to say hello as their one request when nearby. We of course obliged!

They raise each other up.  

They do it every…single…day! From shoutouts to small gestures of appreciation, there is a true bond between team members. Our team even gives each other a special “Booster Name” that highlights each person’s strengths and admirable qualities!

They love what they do.

And it shows! The excitement and positive energy that Booster teams bring to a school is infectious. Yet another reason for us to express a great big thank you this National Employee Appreciation Day!

“Booster is our family. When they come here every year, the students welcome them with open arms. We enjoy having them on the announcements in the morning, visiting classrooms, and joining us for lunch. So really, it's just like having someone come back home,” said Blue Mountain Elementary East assistant principal.

Our team has just about as much fun at a school fitness fundraiser as the students!  Plus—as many team members have expressed, having the opportunity to go back to schools year after year and see the real impact of their fundraising efforts is so rewarding.

Booster Team Members Make a Big Impact!

It is all of these special qualities in our team members that create incredible experiences for schools. And because our team gives it their all, the schools they work with are thriving! Here’s just a few examples of what our team members have helped schools accomplish.

  • Allen Elementary EXCEEDED their $20,000 goal by over $35,000, bringing major upgrades and new toys to their playground.
  • Governor’s Ranch Elementary had a goal to purchase five or six interactive display boards for select classrooms. With the funds they raised, every single room in the school now has a board!
  • Blue Mountain Elementary has raised enough money to allow every single student to attend every field trip the school has hosted for the past 10 years—with money to spare for special events!

This National Employee Appreciation Day we say thank you to every single team member. We see your dedication, passion, and drive and we appreciate you. At Booster, we often say, we’re working to change the world—and with the team we have, we think it’s possible. 

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