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School fundraising allows your school to make improvements, offer special activities, provide your teachers with the resources they need, and more. This all contributes to your students having a positive and memorable learning experience! But before you start planning your next fundraiser, make sure you’re doing it with the right strategies in place. Read on for a comprehensive guide to school fundraising best practices, plus additional pro tips to make each of your fundraisers a huge success!

In this blog you will learn:

8 Fundraising Best Practices

Here are 8 best practices for school fundraising to help improve your outcomes. 

Clearly define your goals.

This should always be your first step. Whether you are fundraising to buy new equipment, pay for extracurricular activities, or add educational resources to your school, understanding your goals will help shape the direction of your fundraising efforts. Outline exactly what you are raising funds for, how much you need to raise, and why this goal will have a positive impact on your school and students.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: There are two major reasons to follow this fundraising best practice! First, knowing how much you need to raise will help you select the type of fundraiser that will help you reach your goal. If you are looking to raise a substantial amount of money for a new playground, a larger event based fundraiser such as a fun run may be more effective, while if you are looking to supplement funds for teacher resources, a bake sale may be the perfect fit.

Donors are also more likely to give when they know what their money is going towards. Clearly defining your goals allows you and other volunteers to share these details and get your community excited!

Determine how many volunteers you will need.

Building a strong fundraising team is crucial for success. Along with your loyal PTA/PTO members, you can also put out a call for volunteers on social media and through email to reach parents that may not be ready for a full commitment to your organization but are willing to help with a single fundraiser. Be specific about your needs to tap into the skills and strengths they already possess.  

Why this fundraising best practice matters: Each type of fundraiser has very different needs. For example, hosting a product sale versus an event based fundraiser will require very different volunteer roles. Once you know your needs, you can also consider whether or not bringing in outside help is necessary. Booster offers custom service levels so you can select the right amount of additional help your fundraiser needs to be successful!

Choose your date thoughtfully.

Consider planning your fundraiser around special events or holidays. Host a custom gear sale at the beginning of the year when school spirit is high or sell wrapping paper right before the holiday season—the options are endless! Take a look at your school and community calendars to brainstorm ideas.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: Whether your fundraiser is providing a need for your donors or building off of the excitement of a special event or time of year, you can seriously boost the funds you raise when you select your date thoughtfully!

Avoid donor fatigue.

One common pitfall in fundraising is donor fatigue. To prevent this, vary your fundraising activities throughout the year and avoid bombarding donors with constant requests for contributions. Keep your approach fresh and engaging to maintain donor interest and support.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: The best way to maximize the funds your school raises is to build out a fundraising calendar for the entire year. This allows you to reach different donors at each fundraiser and also attracts repeat donors if you can provide them with a variety of ways to support your cause.

Always put safety first.

As far as fundraising best practices go, this one is a must! As with any school event, you should always prioritize the safety and well-being of participants. Keep parents informed, make sure you have the correct amount of volunteers at event fundraisers, and discuss safety with students when selling products online or in-person.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: This is an obvious one! Keeping your students safe is the absolute top priority each and every day.

Make it easy for your donors to give.

Simplify the donation process as much as possible. Use an online fundraising platform to offer different payment options and allow your donors to give quickly and easily, at home or on-the-go.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: When the process becomes more complicated and requires more time from your donors, there will be more hesitation. Clear instructions and seamless transactions will encourage contributions!

Incentives your students, families, and teachers.

Create excitement and motivation among students, parents, and the community to get involved in your fundraising efforts. Offer incentives, rewards, or recognition for participation to inspire greater engagement.

Why this fundraising best practice matters: Your fundraiser can only be successful if there is participation! From teachers talking up your efforts in the classroom to parents registering their students to the actual students collecting donations, everyone plays a big role in raising the funds your school needs.  

Always thank your donors and volunteers.

Gratitude goes a long way in fundraising. Take the time to express sincere appreciation to donors for their contributions and your volunteers for all their hard work. This can be done with an email, a shoutout on social media, or handwritten notes—get creative!

Why this fundraising best practice matters: A heartfelt thank you reinforces their support and encourages continued involvement for future fundraisers. This will save you time and help you raise even more down the road!

Pro Tips to Make Your Fundraiser a Huge Success!  

  • Utilize social media and digital marketing strategies to expand your reach and attract more donors.
  • Host engaging events and activities that not only raise funds but also foster a sense of community and school spirit.
  • Consider partnering with local businesses or organizations for sponsorship opportunities or in-kind donations.
  • Keep detailed records of your fundraising efforts, including expenses, donations, and outcomes, to evaluate effectiveness and guide your future strategies.

Successful school fundraising requires careful planning, effective communication, and a dedicated team effort. By following these fundraising best practices, you can maximize your fundraising potential and make a positive impact on your school community. Ready to find out more about how Booster’s custom service levels, flexible options and variety of fundraising solutions can support your school’s needs? Contact a Booster representative today! 

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