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From extracurricular activities to academics to part-time jobs, high school students tend to have jam packed schedules, leaving little time to put towards fundraisers. But the sports, clubs and groups these students are a part of still need funds for things such as uniforms, supplies, travel expenses and more. So how can your students raise the funds they need? Read on to check out our high school fundraising guide and you’ll be on your way to fundraising success!

In this blog you will learn:

High School Fundraising Guide: Steps to Get Started


Focus on individual teams, clubs and groups.

While elementary schools find success with exciting events and fundraisers that benefit the entire school, at the high school level, the major needs for funding shift to areas such as the baseball team or drama club.

Pro Tip: By honing in on individual clubs and teams your school can host multiple fundraisers throughout the year as the donor base will be different for each interest. You can even host the exact same fundraiser multiple times!  

Keep it simple.

This is a key step in our high school fundraising guide! The easier and less time-consuming the fundraiser is, the more likely you are to get busy students to participate. 
Pro Tip: High school students are extremely tech savvy! Take advantage of this and utilize an online fundraising platform with your fundraiser to allow students to quickly and easily share details via text, email and on their social media pages.

Pick the right time.

There are a few factors that should go into selecting the best time to host your fundraiser. First, take a look at your school and community calendars to make sure your potential high school sports fundraisers will not conflict with any events or other fundraisers that may tap into the same donor base. Equally important is taking into account the team or group schedule you are raising funds for. For example, if you are raising funds for the football team, it may be beneficial to host a fundraiser at the beginning of the school year when the excitement of the upcoming season can drive up donations.

Pro Tip: Depending on the type of fundraiser you choose, planning it around a special event or holiday can help you raise even more funds! Sell wrapping paper during the holiday season or custom spirit gear outside of a big game.

Incentivize your students.

School fundraisers can only be successful if your students are motivated. Offering incentives such as prizes, rewards or perks can get them excited to participate.

Pro Tip: High school students love a friendly competition. Get creative with a reward for your top participant such as principal for the day or a pass to skip class and let the games begin! 

Be an excellent storyteller.

Family, friends and members of the community are extremely vested in the teams and groups students are a part of. When asking for donations, share what you are raising funds for and how it will improve the experience of being a member of the group or team. This will also make donors feel like they are a part of the bigger picture which will make them more likely to donate again when you host another fundraiser.

Pro Tip: Videos and photos of your team and group members are very powerful! Highlight members of your team or group on your fundraising page, share images of previous improvements donors have helped with, or make a video of your students sharing what they are raising funds for.

High School Fundraising Guide: Top Fundraisers to Try


Sell discount cards.

Students sell discounts to local shops and restaurants that donors already know and love, making this option a win-win for everyone!

Ask for direct donations.

Donation fundraisers are a simple, but very effective fundraiser. Ask your friends, family and community members to give a donation toward your cause. Use an online fundraising platform to make sharing and giving even easier. Booster can save you additional time by handling all the heavy lifting of reaching out to your donors too!

Organize a custom gear sale.

From t-shirts to tumblers, Booster offers a huge selection of products to customize with your team or group logo and colors. Easily sell your gear to adoring fans on opening night of a show or at the big game!

Host a product sale.

With options to sell via in-person with a catalog as well as online, students can easily reach out to donors to purchase high quality items they need or want.  

High School Fundraising Guide: Why It’s Important

  • Fundraising can help offset some of the costs that come with joining a team, club or group so that more students have the opportunity to participate.
  • Not only does fundraising allow teams and groups to raise necessary funds, but it also serves as a valuable bonding experience, promoting teamwork and uniting members as they work towards a common goal.
  • Fundraising teaches high school students who are on the brink of entering the real world the importance of hard work.

High school students are already juggling a myriad of commitments from academics to clubs and sports, making fundraising a different challenge than it is for younger students. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! When planning your next fundraiser, remember these steps to getting started, and you will successfully raise the funds you need to make your team or group the best it can be! 

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