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When it comes to selecting a school fundraiser, there are so many options to choose from but none are quite as delicious as a bake sale fundraiser! This simple and tasty event can bring in big funds for your school with little to no upfront cost. Plus—sharing good food is always a great way to bond and build community! Wondering how to get started? Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to whip up the best bake sale! 

In this blog you will learn:

Five Steps to Hosting a Bake Sale Fundraiser

Here are five steps to consider when planning a bake sale fundraiser to make it a success. 

Sign up volunteers.

A bake sale fundraiser relies heavily on volunteers for a variety of jobs. Not only do you need a team to organize and run your actual sale, but you also need students and families to donate the food items you plan to sell.

From cookies and brownies to muffins and pies there are so many different types of baked goods you can offer at your sale. To ensure you don’t end up with duplicates, use an online signup sheet such as a shared google doc or signup genius so your participants can see what has already been donated. You can also request a certain amount of donations for each category of baked goods.

Decide on a date and location.

A bake sale fundraiser works really well when planned around another special event or holiday. For example, give your fundraiser a festive theme and sell individual sweet treats as well as full pies and cakes families can purchase for an upcoming holiday. Or team up with a high traffic event such as a school open house or sporting event and sell baked goodies to visitors. You can even take your sale off school property and set up a table at a community center or local shopping area.

Get the word out!

Share information about your bake sale fundraiser on social media and encourage students and families to share your post on their personal pages. You can also ask bakers to share previews of what they are making and tag your event to reach an even larger audience. Along with advertising online, make posters and flyers to distribute in your community at places such as your local library or shops and markets.

Designate a drop off time.

Plan a time ahead of your sale when your bakers can drop off their treats. If possible, try to give more than one opportunity to accommodate busy schedules. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store everything if you don’t plan on setting up immediately after.

Set up your table and start selling!

You can have a set price for everything, ask for a free-will donation or individually price each treat. Pick the method that works best for you then put up a sign or label your items to inform donors. You may also want to label what each item is.

Tips to Make Your Bake Sale Fundraiser Stand Out

Now that you have the steps to get started with your bake sale fundraiser, here’s how to make sure it really stands out and you maximize the funds you raise!  

Decorate your table or booth.

An eye catching presentation can attract more potential donors. Depending on when and where you are hosting your sale, you can include a fun theme such as holidays or school spirit. You can even share this theme with your bakers so they incorporate it into their creations!

Share what you are raising funds for.

Donors are more likely to give when they know what their money is going towards. Make a sign that shares your goals! This can be general such as the PTO or as specific as a certain project such as a playground update.

Offer multiple payment options.

While cash is always easiest to collect, you risk missing out on sales for donors that don’t happen to have money on hand. Accepting Venmo and displaying your barcode is a simple way for quick on-the-go purchases and can increase the funds you raise!

Double up on your fundraisers!

Start a product sale fundraiser that features food such as cookie dough the day of your bake sale and put your catalog out for visitors to browse. All your sweet tooth donors can purchase a treat from your sale to enjoy right away and buy some extra treats for the future!

Say thank you!

Print out little thank you cards you can include with each purchase or share a thank you shoutout on social media with an update on your progress. Make sure to also thank your volunteers! Acknowledging all of their hard work will help you find volunteers for future fundraisers. 

A bake sale fundraiser is a fun and tasty way to bring your school together to raise funds for a common cause. By following these steps, your school can turn a simple bake sale into a community-building, fundraising success—all while your donors get to treat themselves to some delicious baked goods! 

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