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School fundraising is the perfect way to engage students, families, and the community while raising money for a great cause. However, some fundraisers are more successful than others. Choosing high profit fundraisers for schools can make a huge difference.

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Whether you’re in charge of organizing your school’s fundraiser or volunteering as part of a team, it’s important to think smarter, not harder. High profit fundraisers for schools will allow you to raise more money with less work, fewer resources, and less time. These fundraisers are rewarding and effective.

Here are seven ideas for high profit fundraisers for schools. Let your creativity fly! 

1. Fun runs

Fun runs are a popular fundraiser that can yield big profits for your school. They’re also a great way to encourage kids to get moving, burn excess energy, and stay healthy. Best of all, organizing a fun run is very adaptable to the space you have available. Families can participate on the school playground, at a local park, or even at home in their backyard.

To do a fun run, students ask community members to make a pledge sponsoring their run. These fundraisers can be modified so students are sponsored for every lap they finish on a school or park track or for the number of consecutive minutes they run or walk. 

While some schools go all-out for fun runs, you don’t need a big budget to organize this fundraiser. Fun runs can be advertised for free over email and social media, maximizing profits for your school.

2. Bake sales

Bake sales are a classic school fundraiser, and they’re a great choice for connecting one-on-one with parents, students, and teachers. Bake sales rely on parents and others in the school community to volunteer and donate homemade cookies, brownies, cakes, and other treats. 

Because everything is donated, the cost to run a bake sale is very low. You can get students involved to create banners and flyers for advertising. Older kids, parents, and staff members can volunteer to run the table in shifts. The only downside to a bake sale is that all donations must come in locally. There’s no easy option for online donations or spreading the word to friends and family nationwide.

3. Talent shows

Talent shows are one of the most fun, high profit fundraisers for schools. To organize a talent show, all you need is a school auditorium or multipurpose room, a volunteer force to run the event, and a group of enthusiastic students to show off their talents! Set a date, charge admission, and watch the fundraising profits roll in.

Best of all, talent shows can be done virtually as well as in-person. By livestreaming your school’s talent show fundraiser, friends and family in other regions can enjoy the show and donate online. There are plenty of secure ways to collect online donations

4. Raffles and silent auctions

Raffles and silent auctions are also popular options for high profit fundraisers for schools. These fundraisers are a great way to get the community involved as well. Many local businesses are happy to donate goods and services or gift cards to support schools. 

Once you secure the prizes, students and families can sell raffle tickets. You can also plan a silent auction to be held at an in-person event (such as a talent show) or online. Often, these fundraisers generate a lot of money for schools because community members can get very excited about the prizes

5. Trivia nights

Trivia nights are fun for the whole family and add an educational element to your school fundraiser. You can also get creative and try a format that mimics a popular quiz show such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire or Jeopardy! but make the questions unique to your school’s community. 

Aside from the time it takes to organize a trivia night, it’s a low-cost fundraiser so the profits can be high. Consider asking the players’ families to sponsor them with an online donation or charge a small fee to play.

6. Dance-a-Thons

Similar to fun runs, dance-a-thons are an excellent option to get kids moving while raising money. These events are exciting for kids and adults alike! All you need is some great dance music and an open space where participants can cut loose. To add extra fun and excitement, incorporate the game Dance Fit with Boosterthon to your school fundraiser! 

For dance-a-thons, students get friends and family members to pledge a donation for the number of minutes they dance. This type of fundraiser works best when you collect donations online with a pledging software like BoosterTech

7. Movie screenings

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Movie screenings are another high profit fundraiser for schools. Most schools already have projectors that can play a movie in the auditorium or in a courtyard outside. If not, this equipment can be donated or easily rented. 

Simply pick a film, organize a day and time, and promote the event via email and social media. Your school will make profits from concessions like candy and popcorn that can be bought in bulk.  

The best high profit fundraiser for your school 

When it comes to a school fundraiser, there are a million ways to get creative and have fun with your school’s community. Booster is ready to help take your school fundraiser to the next level. Connect with us today to get started! 

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