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Fundraisers are essential for schools to raise money for things like extracurricular activities and supplies. Fundraising software has become a powerful tool that makes the entire process much easier. These online platforms are a game-changer, streamlining everything from donations to reporting, all while saving valuable time and helping schools raise even more funds. 

Read on to learn about:

Save Time 

What if you could skip printing and distributing order forms, collecting checks and cash and making all those deposits? If you move your fundraiser online, you can! And that can be a huge timesaver for everyone involved in your fundraiser. 

While it may seem like a heavy lift to get such an operation up and running, with the right online fundraising software, it doesn’t have to be. MyBooster will build your fundraising website for you, so you don’t need to take the time to learn the tech and do it yourself. And there is no setup cost, so you can try it completely risk-free! 

Using fundraiser software provides you with a user-friendly site that serves as a home base for administrators, donors and families. All aspects of your fundraisers can be handled in one place—it’s that simple! 

With MyBooster, there’s no tracking down order forms and counting cash and checks to make sure the numbers add up. All transactions are handled right on your website and funds are deposited directly into your bank account—all in real time!

Raise More 

When using the online platform, MyBooster, each student gets their own individual page their family can share with just a click via email, social media or text. This allows students to reach more friends and family quickly and easily. 

Just think of the range one social post or group text can have versus the time spent reaching out to each potential donor individually. And because all donations are collected instantly online, families can focus their energy on this outreach without worrying about additional tasks like collections and forms. 

The easy share feature also allows students to raise funds far beyond their local community, because your entire fundraiser is online. Donors can contribute from anywhere in the world! 

Plus—MyBooster accepts Apple Pay. That means your donors don’t even need to have cash or a credit card nearby to support your cause. Whether they are at home or on the go when they receive your email/text or happen to come across your social post, they can quickly make a donation with just a tap of their phone. 

On the administrative side, MyBooster fundraising software gives your school the ability to keep track of donors from previous fundraisers so you can re-connect with them. Loyal donors want to support your school. This is a simple way to make sure they are looped in on your current fundraising efforts! 

Plus, the platform offers an exclusive partnership with Double the Donation to seamlessly collect corporate matching donations you may not have even been aware of. All these features add up to more funds raised for your school! 

Motivate Students and Families 

Fundraising platforms are an excellent way to get your students and families excited about your fundraiser. Many offer incentives and prizes as students reach their goals! For example, MyBooster features a built-in prize management system so teachers and staff can host fun classroom competitions without taking on the burden of extra work. 

Sharing with students and families how close your school is to reaching your goal throughout your fundraiser can be a huge motivator. The admin dashboard allows your team to see up-to-the-minute progress for an individual class or the school as a whole, so you can always blast out a quick progress report. These updates can get your fundraiser over the finish line. 

Customizable For Your School’s Needs

From the type of fundraiser you’re hosting to the goals you set, your event is unique to your school. And that’s what makes MyBooster standout as a great online platform option! This school fundraising software offers customizable web features so you can make sure the details that are most important to your school stand out!

Feature sponsors, show your progress or let your community know what you are raising funds for. Getting this information in front of donors, students and families can encourage more participation and donations, which will make for a more successful fundraiser!

Provide Positive Experience for all Users 

Using fundraising software can ensure that all users—administrators, students, families and donors—have a positive experience during your fundraiser. If you opt to use MyBooster, you will have a dedicated help desk available to both you and your donors. This will ensure questions participants have throughout your fundraiser get answered in a timely manner.  

When moving your fundraising transactions online, security is extremely important. MyBooster holds all donation details and cardholder data in a verifiably secured environment so donors can make their contributions with confidence. This trust in your system will also contribute to a positive experience. 

The easier the process is, the more likely your potential donors are to contribute to your fundraiser and also become repeat donors. With MyBooster, users can make their donations to your school in just 30 seconds! And to show your appreciation, the fundraising software offers an on-screen confetti celebration and sends out automated thank you emails (another timesaver for you)!

Gain Insight into Your Success

Along with real-time progress, using fundraising software can give you valuable insight into how effective your fundraiser is after it ends. MyBooster’s comprehensive admin dashboard offers easy-to-pull reports and the ability to manage everything virtually. These features allow you to identify what was successful and what was not so you can improve future events. 

Overall, using fundraising software can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. Whether you're looking to increase your reach, better manage your donors, or simply streamline your operations, fundraising software is a simple solution that offers your school a variety of benefits.

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