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Booster Elevates School Fundraising in Anticipation of the 2023-2024 School Year

The Company is on Track to Serve Over 7,500 K-12 Schools 

ATLANTA (September 25 , 2023) - As schools start the 2023-2024 academic year, Booster, the industry leader in innovative fundraising solutions, is proud to announce a year of expansion and new partnerships further broadening its ability to positively impact school communities across the nation. 

Serving 7,500+ K-12 Schools in 2023-2024

Over the past year, Booster has grown its fundraising service offerings, extending support to high schools, including sports teams and liberal arts programs. This expansion puts Booster on track to serve more than 7,500 K-12 schools in the upcoming school year.

“I want to reiterate our gratitude for all of the schools and groups that have chosen Booster as their year-round fundraising partner,” said Stephen Murray, President and COO of Booster. “With our expansion into high schools and groups we can now make the lives of even more busy parent association leaders, teachers and coaches a little easier.”

New Fundraising Solutions 

The company also unveiled an enhanced array of fundraising solutions, now including fitness fundraisers, an innovative fundraising platform, product sales, discount cards, custom gear options and more. The addition of these fundraising services gives Booster the ability to meet the unique needs of the students, teachers, group leaders and coaches it now serves throughout the school year. 

“We've worked with [Booster] on multiple different variations of programs and products,” said Ashley Westbrooks,  PTO President at Lakeview Elementary, which is entering its fourth year partnering with Booster. “We've done the glow dance, glow run, a fun run. This past spring we did the cookie fundraiser. We keep choosing Booster over and over because you just make our life so much easier. We have a great relationship. The communication is amazing. That's why we've continued to use [Booster] for different things throughout the year.”

Strategic Partnerships

The fundraising company also announced two new strategic partnerships, which provide additional valuable resources to the schools that work with Booster. Booster’s 2023-2024 school year fitness fundraisers will feature exclusive content and prizes from Dude Perfect, family-friendly YouTube stars with over 58 million viewers. 

Booster has also teamed up with GoNoodle, a program used in over 96% of U.S. private and public elementary schools, to offer schools that work with Booster an exclusive discount to its new social emotional learning program, SuperNoodle. These collaborations enable Booster to extend even more benefits to the schools they serve, offering substantial discounts and facilitating student experiences that encourage inclusion, kindness and more.

Booster is excited to continue its mission of empowering schools with the necessary resources to fulfill their educational goals. Through innovative fundraising solutions, unwavering support and enduring partnerships, Booster remains dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of students and educational communities nationwide.

About Booster

Booster is the leading school fundraising company in the U.S. As the son of an educator, founder Chris Carneal created Booster in 2002 to help strengthen schools. Since then, Booster has offered ever-expanding fundraising services such as school fun runs, fundraising technology, spirit gear and promotional products, product sales and more to help schools thrive by increasing funds and inspiring students through fitness and character-building experiences. More than 800 team members serve 7,500 K-12 schools nationwide and have helped schools, groups and teams profit more than $600 million. 

Based in Georgia, Booster embraces the virtues of gratitude, wisdom, care, courage, grit, and celebration. These virtues guide every aspect of its business, from client care, leader development, product development and technical support, to sales and marketing. Learn more at choosebooster.com

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Media Contact: Jenni DeWitt, media@choosebooster.com

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