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Booster knows that having an engaged, enthusiastic, contributing pool of parent volunteers can make an enormous impact on your PTA and school. But what's the easiest method to recruit great volunteers? Create a Parent Volunteer Form.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about: 

A Parent Volunteer Form can help collect the information you need to get the most out of your parent volunteers, be it during a Booster Fun Run or a school book drive. It's a fast and convenient way to help you quickly find the right volunteers for your organization's current and future needs.

Why Make a Parent Volunteer Form?

You may be wondering if creating a parent volunteer form is worth your time and what the benefits are. Of course, it is worth taking the time, and here are some key reasons why:

  • Tally Up Your Needs. Making a form is the perfect time to survey your needs and determine how many volunteers you need and where you could most benefit from their help. You can even make a list of volunteer options from classroom mentors, tutors, or special project help. 
  • Smarter Recruiting. While some parents proactively offer their assistance, being able to call on parents for help is an invaluable asset. Get to know your volunteers, their interests, areas of expertise, and experience.
  • Gather All Channels Of Communication. Consider an online scheduler/form for efficient sign-up. Let parents know you won't abuse the outreach but will only share relevant updates and essential information.
  • Communicate Volunteer Expectations. Outside of physical expectations, be sure to indicate the time involved and the frequency—whether it's hours or days per week, month, or quarter. Communicating expectations allows parents to easily understand the overall volunteer commitment and be sure to fit it into their schedules.
  • Volunteer Appreciation. Similar to a teacher appreciation day, thanking volunteers will help ensure they want to help again. Do not let your volunteers feel like they're doing thankless work.

Now that you know the benefits of a parent volunteer form, here are some tips to help create an effective one.

What to Include in a Parent Volunteer Form

Parents are often asked to sign plenty of papers throughout the school year, but your form can get all the vital information without blending into the pile of necessary paperwork.

Make it Friendly

It's easy to make your application friendly and welcomes parent volunteers to the classroom or PTA by writing a welcome message that explains past successes and the goals for this school year.

Be sure to summarize some of the roles volunteers fill and how volunteering can be fun and fulfilling. You want your volunteers to reflect the energy of the parent volunteer form, so make sure it's energized and positive. 

Collect Vital Contact/Personal Info

Your form will vary based on your needs but typically include some of the following. Pick and choose what you think you'll need and make others optional.

  • Contact Info (be sure to ask for the preferred contact form)
  • Birth Date (for birthday gifts and acknowledgment)
  • Emergency Contact (relationship, address, and phone number)
  • Previous work or volunteer experience
  • Language/s spoken
  • Physical limitations
  • Certifications (First Aid and CPR with dates of certification and expiration)
  • Preferred volunteer areas (list regular volunteer jobs that applicant can check if interested)
  • Hours and days available for volunteer work
  • Signature of applicant and date of signature.

Final Thoughts on Parent Volunteer Forms

Proper organization is key to a successful parent volunteer program. You need to find out when parents are available, their experience, and schedule when they will be necessary for school events.

Booster understands the need for enthusiastic volunteers and how vital communication is between parents and schools. It is part of our commitment to cooperate with school staff and parent leadership groups to develop fundraising strategies that deliver the most good for the entire school community. We are always open to classroom and family involvement during our fundraiser events. We take pride in knowing that Booster events generate the support schools need, and you may even be where lifelong friendships are made. 

Having trouble collecting enough volunteers for your big event? Get in touch with a local Booster leader for added school fundraising help today. 

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