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Each year on March 21st, the world celebrates International Color Day. It’s a day to recognize all of the beautiful and vibrant colors that make up our world, and it’s a perfect opportunity to add a colorful twist to your next school fundraiser! Read on to learn more about this holiday and how you can celebrate it at your school.

In this blog you will learn:

What is International Color Day

This holiday is fairly new, established in 2009 as a way to celebrate all aspects of color. When national color associations from all the world—thirty countries total!—designated this a holiday, they chose March 21st for a reason. That is because it is the day of the equinox, when night and day, representing lightness and darkness, are equally as long. Since International Color Day was established, the world has celebrated all the wonderful ways that color impacts our lives with exhibits, activities, events and more!

How to Celebrate the Holiday with a School Fundraiser

Color plays such a huge role in the education of young students, making International Color Day an ideal holiday to celebrate with a school fundraiser! Here are some creative ways to add some color to your next fundraiser. 

Host an Epic Color Run.

Students, families and staff will all love the color run fitness fundraiser! It’s a Fun Run but with the added excitement of bursts of powdered color at checkpoints  students run through, creating a memorable experience!

Pro Tip: Encourage your students to wear white clothing so that when they run through each checkpoint the colors transform their clothes into colorful works of art!

Whip Up a Colorful Bake Sale.

Give your next bake sale a vibrant twist and ask families to contribute treats and snacks that showcase a variety of different colors such as m&m cookies or rainbow frosted cupcakes. You can have fun and get creative with this one!

Pro Tip: To encourage creativity, give an award for the contribution that best represents International Color Day!

Sell Custom T-Shirts.

Design custom tees for the holiday, the more colorful the better! Invite families to purchase them in advance of International Color Day to wear on the actual holiday. Then make a day of it with fun activities and a school wide picture in your matching colorful tees!

Pro Tip: Reach out to local businesses to sponsor your efforts and cover the cost of some or all of the custom shirts in exchange for valuable advertising space on your shirts.

Organize an Art Show.

We wouldn’t be able to create art without color! Celebrate International Color Day by having your students use different mediums and colors to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Then, organize an art show to display their masterpieces.

Pro Tip: Charge admission to your event to raise funds. You can also have families place bids to purchase the art work, creating an exciting and interactive experience!

Tips for a Successful Year of Fundraiser

Now that you have a fundraiser slotted for International Color Day, let’s keep the ball rolling! The key to reaching your fundraising goals is to plan out a calendar to raise funds all year long. Check out these tips to get started.

Offer a Variety of Fundraisers.

From product sales like discount card fundraisers to event based fundraisers and more, fill your calendar with different types of fundraisers so as not to exhaust your donors. For example, a product sale around the holiday provides donors with an opportunity to purchase gifts and items they may need, while a car wash in the spring provides them an entirely different service. 

Plan Fundraisers Around Holidays & Special Events.

Just like planning a fundraiser around International Color Day, there are so many opportunities to sync up your fundraising efforts with other holidays and events.Check your community calendar for special events, consider the upcoming major holidays and dig around to find some fun less obvious national and international days.

Use a Fundraising Company to Save Rime & Raise More!

Planning and executing a full calendar year of fundraisers can be super time consuming. Because Booster offers a huge variety of fundraising solutions, ranging from custom gear to fitness fundraisers to product sales, they can handle all the heavy lifting for you, all in one place.

International Color Day encourages us to take a moment to enjoy all the beautiful colors that make up our world. Students use colors in so many aspects of their learning, making this holiday ideal to celebrate with a fundraiser! Get creative, make the experience as colorful as possible, and—of course—have fun! 

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