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Earth Day is an annual holiday created to support environmental conservation efforts. Each year on April 22nd, people across the globe celebrate in a variety of ways with activities that help the environment. For schools, Earth Day is an opportunity to empower your students by teaching them about how they can personally make a difference. From reducing plastic use to composting in your lunch room, showing your students how small changes can make a big impact on the environment is a powerful lesson. And this can include the way you fundraise! 

8 Earth Day Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Check out this list of Earth Day fundraiser ideas your school can host to raise crucial funds and help the environment!

Plan a recycling drive.

There are many recycling companies that will pay you for a variety of items ranging from textiles to bottles to electronics. Be clear about what you are collecting and set a day for families to drop off items.

Organize a used book sale.

Ask families and community members to donate gently used books they no longer want. Then create your own little book store! You can arrange books by age, genre, etc. Spread the word and invite your whole community to shop your sale!

Host a fitness fundraiser.

A fitness fundraiser such as a fun run is a great Earth Day school fundraiser idea! Not only will you get your students outside to exercise and enjoy mother nature, but you can easily make your event waste free!

Create custom Earth Day t-shirts.

Build awareness about this important holiday and raise funds with a t-shirt sale. Get your students involved in the process and hold a contest to come up with the design!  

Sell seeds and/or growing kits.

From plants to flowers to vegetables, there are so many different types of seeds you can sell! As part of the process, you can teach your students about how planting a sustainable garden is good for the environment.

Organize a clothing sale.

Ask families to donate clothing items they no longer need but are in good condition. Then plan a day for your community to shop your sale! Your families will love the opportunity to declutter and score new items they need at cheap prices.

Host a yard sale.

Broaden your sale to include anything from games and toys to household items and clothing that families are willing to donate to help you raise funds. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Sell reusable shopping bags.

Design a custom tote that families can purchase and use for shopping trips. Skipping plastic bags at the store is an excellent way reduce waste and help the environment!

Celebrating Earth Day at school is an opportunity to instill environmental awareness and empower students to make a difference. Whether it's through a recycling drive, a used book sale, or selling reusable shopping bags, these Earth Day fundraiser ideas for schools will help you raise crucial funds while promoting sustainability and fostering a deeper connection to the environment. Together, we can inspire our students to make a difference, not just on Earth Day, but every day.

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