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Spirit wear has always been a great way to grow community and raise funds, but many schools have not incorporated it into their school calendar year-round. To help you bring the best to your school, we have developed a calendar to help plan your spirit wear strategy for back to school this year!

Complete with online stores to help fund your budget, face covers to keep your school safe, traditional spirit wear to build community, and teacher gifts to thank your special helpers, we have done the work for you! 

To learn more about what you should be thinking about when, keep on reading, or download the calendar below.

Get the Calendar!


For many, the early days of summer vacation are starting to wind down as you hit mid-July. Schools are closed, but you are starting to think about what the year is going to look like in the fall and strategizing on how to make this the best year yet (even if we are facing some unprecedented times) for your school.

If you are looking to raise spirits…

Back to School Fairs are a great way to welcome all of your school community back with open arms. Use this as a way to come back with an intentional effort to raise spirits by demonstrating a message that embodies a feeling of togetherness. Spirit wear is a great way to get your school on the same page (and in the same gear)!

If you are looking to raise funds…

We recommend setting up a “Spirit Wear Staples” online store in the weeks leading up to your return to school date. With direct shipping, all of your families will have their new school swag ready for whatever day one looks like this year! Plus, spirit wear stores are a great way to raise funds for your budget. Your spirit wear consultant will walk you through the best practices of our most successful stores, or you can read more about them here.

If you are looking to say “Thank You”…

Teachers, administrators, and parent organizations all work hard to keep the school year running and students happy, healthy, and safe. Purchase welcome kits for your parent group or teachers for back to school (or use the money raised from your last online store) to give everyone a much needed boost for the year ahead. Items like shirts, tote bags, and tumblers are a small way to say “thank you” for people with big impact!


Schools are back in the swing of things and everyone is settled into a new routine, but the weather is changing and holiday season is right around the corner.

If you are looking to raise funds or spirits…

Set up a “Fall into Fleece” online store at the beginning of the season in order to keep your students and staff outfitted in your latest (and warmest) school gear! Depending on your needs, this can be set up as a community builder or way to raise funds. Your personal spirit wear consultant can help you decide what is best for your school!

If you are looking to say “Thank You”…

The past year has taught us a lot of lessons, one of the most prominent being how special teachers are to our students. For the holidays, show your school staff just how important you think they are with a customized “thank you” gift.


Back to school post-holiday season brings a brand new excitement! With half of the school year under your belt, you have a clear line of sight to the end of the year, but don’t get ahead of yourself just yet! If you are able to be intentional about your spirit wear strategy in the early part of the new year, you can help fund some of those end of year celebrations.

If you are looking to raise spirits…

Field Day is an all-time favorite for many schools and students and with good reason! It is one day of the year where everyone takes pause to get active and have some fun. Start thinking about sunglasses, water bottles, and shirts for your school celebration early on. While the future of field day may be uncertain, your can always opt for a virtual fundraiser to celebrate the year and raise serious funds for your school!

If you are looking to raise funds…

“Ring in the Spring” online stores often feature new warm weather spirit wear to get students geared up for the spring and summer months ahead. Tank tops, t-shirts, and tote bags are some of our favorite featured items for these!


With the end of the school year in your sights, there is still so much left to do and celebrate! Hopefully, you have raised funds with school stores or a virtual fundraiser and are ready to take on one of the most exciting times of the year with confidence!

If you are looking to say “Thank You”…

The spring is full of “Appreciation Days” for school staff (we’ve named a couple below to help you out) and you don’t want to leave anyone feeling unappreciated. Speak to your spirit wear consultant, or check out our catalog to see our latest product offerings for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Bus Driver Appreciation Week: February 22, 2021

  • National Volunteer Week: April 18, 2021- April 24, 2021

  • Administrative Professionals Day: April 21, 2021

  • Teacher Appreciation Week:  May 3, 2021- May 7, 2021

If you are looking to celebrate…

Graduation season is upon you and what better memorabilia is there then the tried-and-true graduation t-shirt? Send your students off with a wearable memory of the amazing school year that has passed as they graduate to elementary, middle, high school, or college!

If you are looking to raise funds…

As a last “hoorah” of your fundraising efforts for the year, or last-minute community building activity as you send everyone off for the summer, let your spirit wear market your school in the time off! We recommend camp-friendly and warm weather products in a "Summer Sale" online store so your students can continue broadcasting your school, even in the time off! 

No matter what the school year ahead looks like for you this year, know that you always have a spirit wear partner in Booster Spirit Wear!

If you are looking for ways to put spirit wear in the hands of all your students at little to no cost to you, check out our community partners program!

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