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Booster Spirit Wear General Manager, Pete Lovelace, spoke with pediatrician Dr. Linda Kelly on what she thinks back to school will look like, suggestions for helping your children during the crisis, and face masks on children.

work with thousands of educators all over the country. What recommendations do you have for them as they wrestle through the CDC guidelines and about what a healthy and safe environment looks like next year in classrooms. Are some basic recommendations you have for them to consider?"


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"A pediatric's office is very health focused, so I'd imagine you've had some experience with helping kids and adults understand the challenges and difficulties that we all have to confront around COVID. Any tips or suggestions on how we can better relate and explain to kids the dangers of COVID and ways they can protect themselves?"


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"You have a lot of wisdom from a medical perspective and from a caring for kids perspective. I would love for you to share any insights or thoughts you have as a parent or as a mom and just as a champion for children. Any resources that you feel would help the average parent connect more with their kids during these times?"


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What is the plan for your school for back to school this year? Have you considered masks for your students? Tell us in the comments below!


Dr. Linda Kelly graduated from the university of Pittsburg with a BS in Chemistry and went on to medical school at Temple University School of Medicine where she became a recipient of the Waldo E. Nelson Award. From there, she completed her residency in 1997 at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Today, along with practicing at Dunwoody Pediatrics, she is a co-founder of KidsGeorgia. KidsGeorgia is an advisory group composed of children and family members that focuses on research and innovation for children. Learn more about Dr. Kelly here


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