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You ask.
Donors give.
It's that easy.

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Launch a Direct Give fundraiser that meets your needs. 

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Rest easy with the highest tech safety rating in school fundraising.

Booster Tech has achieved a highly rigorous PCI level 2 compliance, which means all donation details and cardholder data are held in a verifiably secured environment.
In plain speak: This major-nerd level certification that we (and our mothers) are proud of, because it shows how serious we are about protecting and defending all client information.

Know where every dollar goes.

Here's how you'll know every penny is accounted for.

  • A dedicated account, so you have complete financial transparency you get them first.
  • They're your funds, so you get them first. Not the other way around.
  • Clear, upfront pricing, so you know how much you'll profit.

What's included?

All of our features (even our basic ones) work to create a smooth and successful fundraiser for you and your donors.

  • Email templates for parents
  • Previous sponsor look up
  • Custom video uploads
  • Email, text, and Facebook sharing
  • One-click donation
  • Quick, 30-second giving process
  • Mobile-friendly experience




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