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Fundraising without lifting a finger? Yes!

Booster Giving Drive was built from our 18 years of school fundraising expertise. We’ve taken what we’ve learned by serving thousands of schools and coupled it with an exceptional online experience to build what we believe to be the best, and most flexible virtual fundraising platform out there.

Booster Giving Drive gives you an easy, flexible technology solution to tackle almost any kind of virtual fundraiser you’d like to host, no matter where your students are learning from this year!

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arrow doodle leftHow It Works


We help you customize our mobile-friendly fundraising website for your school.

identify donors

Identify who you’d like to ask for donations and use the email and social media templates to get the word out.

get donations

Easily collect donations through your fundraising website. And there’s no registration required to donate.


Jump for joy as you’ve easily raised funds for your school! And, with it being 100% virtual there’s no stressful collections process.


Booster is now an EXCLUSIVE parter with Double the Donation, which helps schools identify corporate matching gifts during their Giving Drive. This service is built into our fundraising platform for all your donors. It’s easy and 100% of the profit from corporate matching goes directly to your school.




  Awesome features!arrow-doodle-red@2x

Easy Search for Corporate Matches

  • Donors can easily search to see if their company will match their donation. 
  • We make it easy for donors to apply by giving instructions and links to online forms and websites to submit the request.

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Customizable for your school

Having a customized video can help your donors understand why you are fundraising and makes the ask more personal.

You will also have a customized url with your school name - making it easy for donors to know exactly where their donations are going.

Get Started With Giving Drive! 

mobile giving drive

doodle-lines-top-left@2xMobile-First Website

Simple and secure form to capture payment. We see 75%+ traffic to our donation pages on mobile!

red-star-icon Creative ways to use your school's giving drive website!red-star-icon

Our platform is so flexible, schools are finding benefit in using it for a variety of fundraising and collections needs, here are a few:

Digitize Your ‘Write a check’ Campaigns
Collecting Donations for Annual Fund
School Booster Club Fundraiser
Family Hardships Scholarship/Fundraiser

Build a Playground Fundraiser
School Technology Fundraiser
Outdoor Learning Supplies Fundraiser
And many more!

Yes, it’s super affordable, too!

Fundraising technology fee: 7% of funds raised through platform, for each initiative.

Get Started With Giving Drive!